Second finish for 2014


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I made a baby quilt using foundation piecing techniques and scraps from my last baby quilt. This because I’m trying to use stash wherever possible. I pieced the back too and used my cloud ruler template to machine quilt it.
Take a look…



I did buy some fabric in February and I did donate half the value of it in charity – just so you know I’m keeping my promise. :)

I also bought some fabric on the first of March because I’m making a quilt for my daughter and didn’t have many of the flowery fabrics needed. I saw this beautiful pattern my Verna Mosquera called Mon Ami and it reminded me of the lovely weekend my daughter and I spent in Paris last year so I decided to make it for her.


Here are the fabrics I’m possibly using. Some from stash, some new and all have to be washed because it’s an appliqué quilt. :(


My first 2014 project


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I’ve finished the coverlet I started in January. It’s all bound, washed, ironed and I’m using it and it feels so soft and lovely.

Here are a few photos.

P1070131 P1070132 P1070135Now I’m working on some foundation paper pieced stars from Don’t Call Me Betsy’s 2013 and 2014 Lucky Star Club. Here’s where I’m up to so far. I’ve done two quarters of the practice star.


Fabric challenge update

All the fabric for the coverlet came from my stash and scraps and all the fabric for this first star also. I didn’t buy any fabric in January at all. So far in February I’ve bought 1.6m of an Echino extra wide bird print that was only $16.80 per metre. I’ll tally up at the end of the month and donate 50% of my spend to charity as I promised.


How to quilt this?


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P1070124This is the first project that I’ve started this year and it uses scraps and other fabric from my stash, as per my fabric challenge here.

I’m making a coverlet, i.e. only two pieces of fabric with no batting in between. They are nice to use on hot nights when you want to be covered but a quilt is too thick.

I made one a while ago for my husband and this one is for me.


I’ve spray basted it and now I can’t decide if I want to machine quilt it; hand quilt it with normal quilting thread; or hand quilt it with 12wt thread; or do a combination of the two/three.

Any suggestions?

A fabric challenge with a difference


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I’m throwing out a challenge. I know many quilters, myself included, feel uncomfortable about the amount of fabric we have. I know that we need a large variety of fabrics of different designs, colours etc., after all these are the tools of the trade. However, I still think that we all know we have too much.

Why is this fabric challenge different?

I’m not suggesting a fabric fast which many people find too difficult. My suggestion is that we Use what we have, Re-use fabrics from clothes etc., Swap to get what we need and if, and when, we need to Buy fabric we Donate an amount equal to half the value of the fabric to a charity of our choosing.

So, what do you think? Are you in?

More details to come

I’ll post more details later. I’m planning on blogging my progress in stash reduction and also the amount I spend on fabric. I may try to come up with a quilt along, I’ll just have to see how I go and how many people are interested.

If you’re interested in joining me please comment below.

Happy New Year!

The Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake Challenge


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RB fabricsThe Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a Riley Blake quilt challenge. All members who applied were given 6 fat eighths of Riley Blake fabric and they could make whatever they liked as long as it was quilted.

The rules were that you didn’t have to use all the fabrics you were given, that you could use any solids with them and any other Riley Blake prints.

I didn’t use the blue gingham and the turquoise chevron in my quilt. This actually surprised me as these are my favourite colours. However the whole process was organic.

P1050616I began with the centre and I used my Andalusian tile templates with the dark grey and the grey and white stripe fabrics and hand-pieced them to make this.


I had then intended to pair them with the blue and turquoise fabrics. I looked for a suitable background to put the central medallion on but none of the greys I had did anything at all for it. I didn’t have a suitable blue or turquoise solid so I opted for this really bright yellow.

I hand appliquéd the medallion to the background and then had to ponder my next move. I cut a star out of the white spot on yellow fabric using my templates and appliquéd it to the centre of the medallion.

bordersI bought some grey Riley Blake small chevron and used it for the first border and then decided to use the white spotted yellow fabric as cornerstones and make a Riley Blake white solid border with four hexagons from my tile templates made from the orange design fabric and hand appliquéd them on. 

I then added another grey chevron border. I almost finished at this stage but I really have no use for small quilts so I decided to keep going.

I sewed two fabrics together in strips to make a wide border – a Riley Blake white solid and a Riley Blake grey solid. This looked unfinished somehow so I decided to make a zigzag of the white spot on orange Riley Blake fabric I had bought. Here’s how I did it.

I had bought a large grey chevron but it’s size just didn’t fit this quilt so I used it as a template to make the zigzag. I ironed some freezer paper onto the large chevron and traced the zigzag through it with a small ruler and pencil.

Then I peeled off the freezer paper and cut the zigzag out. Once this was done I ironed the freezer paper to the orange fabric, wrong side up.

I cut around the zigzag with the freezer paper still attached to the fabric, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. I then pressed the allowance down before removing the freezer paper. I removed a little at a time fabric glueing as I went.




I hand appliquéd the zigzag at the join of the white and grey borders with Aurifil 50wt thread. The borders were all only as long as the square of the quilt as I was planning on cornerstones as I didn’t have enough fabric – oops! This meant leaving loose ends of zigzag at each edge to appliqué together once the corner stones were in place.


The outermost border is a lovely grey and white Riley Blake fabric called Shuffle. I didn’t have enough of this and had to fiddle around but luckily you can’t tell. I added cornerstones of the yellow spotted fabric and then bound the whole thing with Riley Blake solid orange. Want to see the whole quilt?

Here it is…


Hand quilting

I hand quilted the whole quilt and rather than describe it all I’ll show you some photos of the individual pieces, and the back. You might have to click on the photos to be able to see the details.


photo 5 photo 4photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Oh my! What a long absence.


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I’m sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long but I really did need to take a rest. Anyway to make up for it here are some photos of my recent finishes.

This is a baby quilt I did for a young relative’s new baby. I hope she likes it. I haven’t heard since I sent it.



These images are from a coverlet I made using McKenna Ryan fabric and quilting with Aurifil 12wt. Click on the pics to get a better view. I’m afraid the photos don’t do it justice it looks MUCH nicer in the fabric so-to-speak. :)

P1060967 P1060966 P1060965 P1060964 P1060968 P1060969 P1060971 P1060972

This next photo is of the Camelot quilt which I recently had machine quilted even though the blocks are hand-pieced, so that I could have it ready to give as a wedding present to some young relatives.

P1060984 P1060990
And last but not least Mr Tiggy “hiding” but sprung in the laundry sink. Sigh…


A trip to the Fashion and Textile Museum


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While I was visiting the UK I took my 10 year old granddaughter and my daughter to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. The Museum was started by Zandra Rhodes and she donated much of her collection of designer gowns and costumes to the Museum. It is now run under the auspices of Newham College.

My granddaughter loves art and fashion and really enjoyed the Zandra Rhodes exhibition that was on when we visited. It included a couple of video interviews with her which were very interesting and even our 10 year old sat mesmerised. Visitors were encouraged to draw a design and leave it on the table in the viewing room. DGD did just that and signed it and put a copyright symbol on it!! Wish I’d take a photo but she may not have given me permission to publish.

The F&TM itself was very generous and gave me permission to show you the photographs I took of the exhibition. Please bear in mind no flash was allowed and these were taken on a Samsung cellphone. They are nontheless gorgeous! If you click on them you’ll get a larger image. Enjoy!

20130823_120654 20130823_120704 20130823_120720 20130823_120736 20130823_120808 20130823_120836The F&TM is really worth a visit if you are in London. They currently have an exhibition which runs until January 2014 called the Glamour of Bellville Sassoon and you can take a sneak peek here. The Museum is located at 83 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XF and can be reached via a short walk from the London Bridge tube station.

The Museum also runs short courses and my DGD can’t wait until she’s 12 and can do the “Draw like Designer” workshop. I just ordered the accompanying book for her but don’t let on, it’s a surprise! :)


Hello! Remember me?



I know I’ve been gone a long time but I’ve been travelling through the UK, Europe and the US. I’ve had a lovely break but now I’m back and ready to start sewing again.

I went to England for my daughter’s wedding and it was just beautiful. The weather was perfect, the setting, stunning and everything went like clockwork, thank God.

My daughter and I also went to Paris before the wedding and I thought you might like to see a few photos, so here they are:

This is the queue to get into the Palace of Versaille!

20130818_114002This is a very clever trompe l’oeil done with wrought iron on a blank wall. Isn’t it effective?


This the famous cafe Les Deux Magots where all the writers and artists used to congregate years ago. People such as Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso.


As we were staying in Montparnasse we decided to take a look at the Montparnasse Cemetery which is huge. There are no maps available though telling you where the famous are buried. However, we enjoyed the peaceful ambience and the variety of tombs and headstones from all the different religions. On our way out of the cemetery we came across the tomb of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre by accident.


On our last day we visited the Paris Mosque which is built in the mudéjar style and which has a restaurant and tea garden. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for lunch which smelled and looked amazing but we did have mint tea and Middle Eastern pastries which were the best I have ever had.

20130819_134032Speaking of pastries… You can’t go to Paris and not indulge in the offerings of the local Patisserie, now can you?

So we selected our favourites for afternoon tea and they wrapped them like this! Almost too good to eat…

I did say almost! Aren’t they gorgeous? I chose the fruit tart and my daughter the lemon tart. Both were so good we were forced to buy another set the next day just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t. The best news is that we did so much walking that despite the gorgeous food we both lost weight! Win/Win!WP_20130816_004
We visited the Eiffel Tower not because we wanted to go up, which each of us has done before, but because the last time we were here together my daughter was 11 months old and we sat together under the tower. So much time has passed!

This is a picture of the Pont de l’Archevêché where lovers pledge their love with a padlock to the bridge and throw the key in the water. It’s on the Seine near the wonderful Notre Dame Cathedral.
WP_20130819_014I hope you enjoyed these photos. I didn’t want to show all the tourist type shots which everyone has already seen so forgive me if I didn’t show the Louvre, the Musée D’Orsay and other tourist attractions in detail.


The Bed of Rose Quilt is finished, washed and hanging in the sunshine


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The Bed of Rose Quilt is finished, washed and hanging in the sunshine. You might think this unremarkable except that sunshine has been a rare commodity here as it has rained for 10 days straight! More like England than Australia.

Anyway today the sun was shining so I took the opportunity to wash the quilt and it looks so lovely hanging in the sunshine.

P1060321 P1060322 P1060323 P1060324 P1060325


Some lovelies arrived in the mail…


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These lovelies arrived the other day but this is the first opportunity I ‘ve had to photograph them. What’s your favourite?

I think I like the yellow Daiwabo Japan Nordic Stamp and the Parson Gray fabrics best. Though those three Denyse Schmidt, Flower and Dot, Flea Market Fancy Legacy Reprints are also very cute.

P1060305 P1060306 P1060307 P1060308


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