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Blocks 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be sewn together BEFORE we sandwich and quilt them. It’s still a manageable unit and makes the construction simpler.

Block 4 requirements

One 12.5″ square of background fabric

Four 4.5″ squares of feature fabric

One 4″ square of fabric for the centre of the block

One 2″ diameter circle (finished size).

Strips of linear or border fabric. Length will depend on pattern matching.

Freezer paper


Cut a 3.5″ square of Freezer paper and cover it with the 4″ square of fabric the way we did in Block 2. Then using the same technique, appliqué the square to the centre of the background fabric, cut the excess background fabric off and remove the freezer paper.


Then cover a 2″ diameter Perfect Circle with your fabric, attach it to the centre of the central square and appliqué it as we did in Block 1. Then remove the excess square fabric from the back and remove the perfect circle.


Now cut four 4″ squares out of freezer paper. Then cut a 2″ square out of the 4″ in one corner. Do this to all four.


Take your 4.5″ squares of fabric and fold over the seam allowance onto the sticky side of the freezer paper and we have done before. When you get to the centre of the cut-out, put a slit in the fabric to allow it fold over.

image image

Place these corner pieces 1.5″ in from the edges of the background one at a time. Iron to the background, appliqué and then remove the freezer paper and repeat with the others.


The next step involves the strips. How wide you make them is up to you and to the pattern on the fabric you choose. I chose to make the finished, appliquéd strips 7/8″. Draw out your large corner piece and then draw in the size strips you think will work. (Ignore the fact I’ve written 5/8″ they’re actually 7/8″.) 🙂


If you’re happy with the relative proportions then cut out the centre piece and use it as a template to cut out 4 freezer paper patterns.

image image

The next thing is to join our strips at right angles. I find the best way is to fold the end of one strip at 45degrees. Play around until you know where best to place it to achieve the pattern match and then spread a little Elmer’s Glue on the underneath and position it on top of the other strip, iron the glue set, then open it it out and sew the seam line.

image image image image image image image

Now, take your right angle fabric and iron the seam allowances down onto the freezer paper patterns as you did for the corner pieces.

image image

Trim the ends to size.

image image image image image

Now attach these pieces to the centre of the corner pieces. You can choose to make two or four of these. I chose to make two and place them on opposite corners. Use a ruler to get the positioning right, iron them down, appliqué and remove the freezer paper..

image image image image

My finished Block 4