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A while ago I made this RFID blocking card sleeve. The new credit cards with chips transmit info to the card reader in a “contactless manner”. Research has shown that although they are not supposed to transmit more than 10cm (4″) away, they actually can be picked up a metre away. Though Sophos security seems to doubt the efficacy of RFID blocking sleeves, I have tried using my card at a “tap and go terminal” inside the sleeve and it blocked it completely so I’m quite happy with it. I thought you might like to make your own too.image

What you’ll need

Two pieces of fabric (preferably batik), some Wonder Under (or similar), some Aluminium foil (the strongest you can buy) and some credit cards (the number you plan to store in the wallet).


Step One

Cut your two fabrics and your Aluminium foil to 5″ x 51/2″, and your Wonder Under to 5″ x 11″.

Step Two

Fold your Wonder Under in half, with the glue side inwards and slide your foil in between and iron both the back and the front so that the foil is sandwiched and fused completely.

.image image image

Step Three

Peel the paper backing off the foil on one side.

image image

Step Four

After removing the paper from one side, lie one of your pieces of fabric onto the glue side of the foil and press with an iron (no steam).


Step Five

Then remove the paper from the other side and lay the second piece of fabric on top and press with a hot iron.

image image


Step Six

Grab the number of credit cards you are planing to put in the wallet. Fold the wallet in half, lay the cards inside and then with an “add a quarter” ruler place the centre line on the edge of the card and then draw a line at the quarter inch mark.

image image image

Step Six

Remove the cards and sew along the marked seam lines.

image image

Step Seven

Trim the side seams and then place a card onto the wallet and fold the wallet top over to desired height. Because we used batiks there is no fraying so we don’t need a top seam. Then trim off the excess along the fold and reinforce the top of the seams by sewing back and forth a couple of times.

image image image image image

Step Eight

Turn the wallet inside out. Pushing the corners out with your fingers. (Don’t use any sharp tools or you may tear the foil.) Then press the wallet flat and pop in the cards!

image image image

As you can see I haven’t used credit cards here and these cards don’t have chips so don’t need the RFID wallet. This is just for illustration purposes.

I’d love to hear how you go if you decide to make your own.