The weather yesterday was perfect. It was around 20degC, with a light breeze and a cloudless blue sky. So we decided to go and check out Sydney’s latest park/walkway at Barangaroo. This is one of the oldest parts of Sydney and is in the Rocks area close to the bridge. If you get a chance to visit this park then take it. It’s been beautifully landscaped with native flora and has two pathways. One is crushed sandstone which echoes the beautiful sandstone structures everywhere and the other Tarmac which is great for bikes and the like. Here are some photos I took.

image image image image image

After walking through the park and enjoying the sunshine we strolled around Walsh Bay and found a host of interesting restaurants and cafes I didn’t even know we’re there. Naturally, we had to stop for lunch and it was just so relaxing sitting there in the dappled sunshine looking out over the water.


Now here’s a place I’d love to live. It feels like a village yet is in the heart of Sydney, minutes walk away from just about everything. So, just in case any of you has a few million stashed away that you could live without, I’m accepting donations for my “living the life” fund. 🙂