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I’m throwing out a challenge. I know many quilters, myself included, feel uncomfortable about the amount of fabric we have. I know that we need a large variety of fabrics of different designs, colours etc., after all these are the tools of the trade. However, I still think that we all know we have too much.

Why is this fabric challenge different?

I’m not suggesting a fabric fast which many people find too difficult. My suggestion is that we Use what we have, Re-use fabrics from clothes etc., Swap to get what we need and if, and when, we need to Buy fabric we Donate an amount equal to half the value of the fabric to a charity of our choosing.

So, what do you think? Are you in?

More details to come

I’ll post more details later. I’m planning on blogging my progress in stash reduction and also the amount I spend on fabric. I may try to come up with a quilt along, I’ll just have to see how I go and how many people are interested.

If you’re interested in joining me please comment below.

Happy New Year!