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I’ve designed my own handbag. It’s not perfect in execution but I’m happy with all the ideas I have incorporated.

P1060300On one side it has a padded, zippered pocket that takes my iPad mini.

P1060291 P1060298On the other side it has two large patch pockets, one of which is reserved for easy access to my mobile. It’s deep enough to make it difficult to fall out and wide enough to make it easy for me to reach right to the bottom to grab it.

P1060288I placed two magnetic snaps in line with the handles so that I have access to a pocket in the middle of the inside that holds my sunglasses, my reading glasses and my hairbrush.

P1060292 P1060293 P1060297

I added some tapes at either side of the bag’s interior that have a lobster claw fittings on. One hooks onto the zip of my wallet, making it easier to lift out but also (I hope) harder for others might want remove it surreptitiously. The other hooks onto my keys so I can easily find them by hauling on the tab.

P1060294 P1060295 P1060296So what do you think?

I’m happy with it for functionality but as usual I had issues sewing in a straight line for the topstitching while trying to avoid handles etc. Oh well, you can’t have everything.