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Failure and injury number one:

I had a day of failures and minor injuries today. First of all I tried to make a zippered pouch. It was a very cute one that came with a free pattern and tutorial. Another friend had made one and as I have to make a zippered pouch for the Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild’s Zippered Pouch Challenge/Swap, I thought I would try it.

P1060070I have to say that while I acknowledge fully my shortcomings as a machinist I still think the instructions for this particular pouch left a lot to be desired. Several times I couldn’t understand what I was supposed to do and, of course, did the wrong thing… 5 seams unpicked later and re-sewn still wrong and I gave up but not before I dropped a pin on the floor, bent to pick it up and bashed my head on the sharp corner of my long plastic cutting ruler. I now have an unattractive red mark right above my nose. 😦

Failure and injury number two:

I decided I would wash and blow-dry my hair. The metal part of my large round brush got super hot and when I accidentally touched my neck with it, I burnt myself! Ouch! Another nice red weal to add to the collection I’m starting. Then before I could make it out of the bathroom to safety I knocked all the bottles and spray cans off the shelf and had to hunt for which top matched which perfume bottle etc. Fortunately nothing was broken.

Once out of the bathroom I decided to resort to a peaceful hour or two knitting the scarf I started for my husband. Half-way through I noticed an unfixable mistake and had to undo the entire thing. 😦

I hope your day has been better. 🙂