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If you could have anything you liked in a sewing machine, would it be fancy with lots of bells and whistles or pared down but sturdy? Would it be single purpose e.g. digital embroidery or would it be multi-purpose?

I’ve been thinking about this a great deal recently and here’s what I’d like in my ideal sewing machine:

  1. Three types of stitches – straight, zig-zag and buttonhole.
  2. Clip on feet
  3. Easy needle clamping, no hard to hold, fiddly little screwdrivers
  4. Reverse stitching
  5. Needle up/needle down
  6. Auto threat cutting
  7. Slide in/out plate – no screws!
  8. Easy to load bobbin
  9. Easy bobbin winding
  10. Sews multiple thicknesses of fabrics easily, without jumping – almost industrial strength.
  11. Easy top and bottom thread and presser foot tension adjustments
  12. Automatic buttonhole
  13. Drop down feed dogs for free-motion quilting
  14. LARGE THROAT for quilting – at least 15″
  15. Free-arm and extension table
  16. Hard cover or comes with it’s own “wheelable” storage bag
  17. Good storage for bobbins, feet and all the tools etc.
  18. Under $800
  19. A decent light that actually illuminates what you’re sewing
  20. A 10 year warranty

That’s not too much to ask is it? It probably is but I guess I can dream.