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After visiting my friend Lorena’s studio and seeing how beautifully organised she is I felt that my sewing room (see below) was sorely in need of a good sorting out.

P1050426 P1050427 P1050428 P1050429 P1050430 P1050431 P1050432 P1050433

I always thought that the IKEA Expedit shelves would be great for fabric but I have found the depth of them a mixed blessing. I was keeping my fabrics folded as fat quarters and that led to piles two deep and due to the small cross-section they were very unstable. However, I noticed that Lorena had the same shelves but had folded her fabric lengthways so you can have more fabric per stack, which is more stable and you can see them all. So obvious when someone else has had the bright spark moment for you!

Here’s where I’m up to. It’s hot and I’m taking a rest from slaving over a hot iron. It takes so long to do this stuff. I’ve been at it for 4  plus hours already!

P1050434 P1050435 P1050436 P1050437 P1050438

As you can see I still have along way to go!