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Dear Readers
I have been made aware that some of you have received bulk posts in your readers during the time I have been battling to move my blog. It has been a very difficult procedure and I almost gave up at one stage. Please accept my apologies for any irritation I caused you.

The results

I have lost my last post on the Fabric Obesity Crisis and also there is no way for me to add my subscribers to the subscription database of this new blog. I have pleaded with WordPress to no avail. So please if you want to continue to receive email notification then can you sign up at the top of the left column? Thank you.

The future

I hope to keep blogging and sewing as before and hopefully be a little more productive than I have been recently. I have lots of ideas for new projects so please join me on this  journey.


Thank you for all your support. I hope you’ll continue to get something useful, fun and interesting from the blog and, as usual I really like reading your comments and try to reply to each and every one.