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First a little housekeeping

First of all let me say I’m planning to take a small blogging break while I reorder my blog and my quilting priorities. If you want to be kept informed then please sign up for email notifications or the RSS feed and you’ll get the next blog post right in your Inbox or Blog Reader.

The Fabric Obesity Crisis

What is it? Well I think if you walk into your sewing room you’ll be able to identify it, especially if you’ve been quilting for 10 or more years. We quilters are like magpies. We see something bright and pretty and we want it. That’s not a problem in itself but the next step is – we buy it, we stash it and we don’t use it.

I’ve only been quilting for a few years so my stash is tame by comparison with many. But lately I’ve been reading about several people who’ve had to go through a friend’s stash and deal with it (i.e. get rid of it) for her family when that person has passed away. Fabric, it would seem is a bit like food, we see it, we want it, we consume it and then we have store it – not on the hips, it’s true, but store it nevertheless.

So what’s the solution?

Exercise. Just like exercise works off stored food, quilting exercise uses up stored fabric. I’m really committed to reducing this excess and using my stash – smallish as it is – before buying any more fabric. I started the year with the idea of a fabric fast and I fell off the wagon a couple of times with various excuses. Now, I’m serious. Making this Traveller’s Blanket from used linen clothing made me realise how little I needed to buy new fabric and how I don’t want to hoard any more. I’m planning some quilts to use up my stash and if you want to join me in the Fabric Slimming Quilt-along then please do. I’ll leave you with some photos of where I’m up to with the Traveller’s Blanket.

God Willing I’ll be back in alittle while with details of my plan and how you can join in. Till then why don’t you arrange your stash to see exactly what you’ve got in there. I’ll bet you find fabric you’d completely forgotten about.

Take care.