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Farrah the Travelling Stash arrived at my place this morning. There were several duplicates (in fact 10 of the 50 FQs were duplicates) but I didn’t mind as I like stripes so I took two of the sets of duplicates and put only one duplicate in what I sent back so there’d be a bit more variety.

I took a few photos so you could see her and see if you would have chosen what I did.

Farrah as she arrived

What I took

I took stripes and spots and a couple of animal prints for a baby quilt I’m planning.

What I put in

I put in a mixture of neutrals, 1930s, Japanese, Riley Blake and pale blues.

Farrah, ready to leave

I wonder whose next on the list? No I’m not teasing. I’m waiting to be sent the address myself so I can send her on her way.