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I tried so hard to bring you a post with lovely photos of Farrah the Travelling FQ stash. She has now visited three members of the list. The problems arose with this blog template. It really doesn’t play nicely with photos. It takes no notice of any instructions you give it with regards to alignment, size etc. In the end I got so frustrated that I gave up. Hopefully when the stash arrives here I’ll have better luck!

Losing my blogging mojo

I’ve sort of lost my blogging mojo recently. This template is difficult to use and I feel that a blog post without a photo is like coffee without sugar, but then maybe you like coffee without sugar. I’ve bought lots of interesting books recently but I just haven’y got around to photographing them. I also wrote a book review on Elizabeth Hartman’s new book but the publishers wouldn’t let me use photos of the pages that I had refereed to in the review so I’m not going to bother publishing it and I’m certainly not interested in writing a second review. It’s a bit rich I think as I actually ask permission. I know lots of other people don’t, they just photograph the pages they want to show which falls under the “acceptable use” guidelines for a review. However, it’s their loss.

Hand quilting

I have been hand quilting my In A Spin quilt but progress photos of that aren’t that interesting, so I don’t really have anything to show you but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you all as you’ve supported me so wonderfully throughout the evolution of this blog.

Till next time… keep sewing. 🙂