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… a sculpture!

This is a photograph of Calypso, one of Fraser Smith’s stunningly beautiful and amazingly crafted wooden sculptures. Just look at the stitches and the soft folds! Not to mention the glowing use of colour.

I first found out about Fraser from Anthony Jones – Quiltmaker, on Facebook. So I wrote to Fraser to ask him if I could share with you some of his beautiful work and he very generously agreed.

Below are some of my favourites. There are many more of his  wonderful artworks on his website so do take a look.

This one is called Africa/America and I’m really in awe of his talent and attention to detail. Look at the “quilting” on the reverse of the “quilt”.
This next one is called Quilted Maples and check out the detail on the “appliqued” leaves.

Fraser thanks so much for letting me share your beautiful works with my readers. I’m sure they’re all as stunned by it as I am.