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First the phone

I appear to be going retro. First was the new retro handset for my mobile phone. It might look funny but it’s great. It saves me from 98% of the radiation and it makes it easier for me to find the phone in my bag. So if you call me I might just be able to answer before you hang up now!

Then these little beauties…

They’re pottery measuring cups and spoons and each one has a “hand-written-style” label on it with its measure. Aren’t they lovely?

Blog update

I’ve now just about finished my tweaking for a while. In order to have pictures in the synopsis pages of the archives I needed to choose a “featured image” for each one. That’s just way too much work so I’ve found where the boring old white cross on a grey background default image is and substituted a bright, friendly image of my own. Click here and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll still see all the relevant images when you click on an actual post but the archives list looks better this way. At least I think it does.

Thank you for all your great suggestions and feedback. I read everyone and acted on many.