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I went away for the weekend with two sewing friends. We hired a house near the beach and it was lovely. I took some pictures for you with my mobile phone but while it co-operated in taking them it wouldn’t store them anywhere – at least nowhere I’ve been able to find so I can’t show you the lovely beach and the dolphins that we saw close in to shore. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

The find

However, on the way to the coast we stopped at a quilt shop I didn’t even know existed. It’s  called the Quilt Patch and is in South Nowra. I hadn’t intended to buy any fabric. As you know I’ve put myself on a fabric fast and am only allowed to by fabric I actually need for a particular project. Anyway I was rifling through the fat quarters – as you do – and look what I found!

Do you remember I was looking for this fabric range a while back and couldn’t find it anywhere?
I had originally bought a few fat quarters from a shop I visited in upstate NY but they were leftovers and there was no more to be had. I used what I had in the Lily wall-hanging.

And here on the south coast of NSW I found 17 fat quarters. Well I had to buy them didn’t I? Especially as I have been searching for a background I liked to make this Camelot quilt and this is perfect for it.

Just to prove that we did actually sew…

I hand-pieced these blocks for my sawtooth quilt while we were away.