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Some people never learn, do they? I think I might be one of those.  😦

A few days ago while I was lace knitting the end came off my needle. I didn’t think much about it and I just pushed it back on. Needless to say a little later it came off again and all the stitches fell off the back! That’s when I remembered that I did this once before!

I mentioned it on Facebook and Jas told me about safety lines and posted a link. I followed the link and thought what a clever idea it was to put one in. So did I? Ermm, no.

So then my hand slipped while I was knitting the very hard part at the edge and I lost stitches back several rows and I couldn’t pick them up in the right order and because I didn’t have a safety line in I had to unpick every stitch individually to get to a complete row.

Guess what I did this evening? That’s right and here it is…

I might be a slow learner but eventually I did learn. 🙂