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I’ve been very busy recently. My copywriting business has suddenly become busy again – always good for the bank balance – and I’ve been ploughing on with the Kaffe knitting as well as designing a new quilt and putting it together. What’s more the postie’s been busy too.

Yesterday he brought the last part of my Hancock’s order – three lovely Kaffe threads, gorgeous colours, and a lovely Kaffe shirt stripe. Those threads look too lovely to use.




Then the postie came today with a Snoopy Postal Bag (I’ve never seen one of those before!), and inside were thousands of tiny quilt pins and this fantastic doodah for closing them.

Thank you Sylvia! My dear friend traipsed half of NY state looking for these for me and I’m very grateful.

A New Quilt Design

Here’s a photo of my half completed new quilt design. I’m planning on machine quilting and then embellishing with Sulky Blendables large stitch hand quilting afterwards.

Mr Tiggy “helped” me lay it all out but in the end the room wasn’t big enough for both the quilt and Tiggy so one of them had to go! He wasn’t happy at being evicted from the sewing room as you can see.