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Do you FMQ? I’ve tried it but haven’t practised enough. You may recall that a while back I took Deborah Louie’s Machine Quilting Classes but I haven’t really done much since then.I have done a few Stitch in the Ditchers and Straight Liners but no FMQ.

I recently found the Craftsy Website and they had a special on and so I purchased their Free Motion Quilting and More Video classes. While the teacher seems a little distracted and could do with putting her thought in order before she films, I have found it reasonably helpful. I’m half way through and I really like the video platform. You can take notes on the page during the video and when you do it stops the video and bookmarks the place so you can revisit it. Very clever!


How about some FREE FMQ?

The Quilt Show has offered everyone free access to their FMQ videos for Super Bowl Sunday so here’s the link. These lessons also include instructions for spray basting on a wall. Enjoy!