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I have decided that unless I really, really need some fabric to finish something that I am going to attempt not to buy any more fabric for the whole of 2102. Before the end of 2011 I did order some fabrics to fill some glaring stash gaps and some of these arrived the other day. Here they are. Some yellow solids and some lovely Kaffe shot cottons.

So what has this got to do with my weekend? I was planning an appliqué quilt and I was looking longingly at Sue Garman’s Friends of Baltimore and Kim McLean’s Roseville Album (or maybe the Flower Garden or then again perhaps the Flower Pots….) when I realised that these quilts need 9.5 yards of background! Hoist on my own petard already. I don’t have 9.5 yards of anything suitable for background. And I can’t really claim I need it to finish a quilt because the quilt isn’t started so they will have to wait for 2013, God Willing. So then I decided I’d try to finish my knitting and it was so nice outside that I took the camping chair and sat out the front and knitted in peace. It was lovely. A cup of coffee, a glass of water, my knitting and the phone.

The little drink holder in the arm of the chair proved to be the perfect place to put the ball of wool to stop it rolling away. Here’s the view from my chair.