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I got the knitting bug over the break and I really wanted to knit a fine yarn lacy shawl. I’m a reasonably accomplished knitter but I have to say I had problems with the patterns I found. Some of them had instructions which were incorrect but which I didn’t find out until several hours into the shawl! I tried four different patterns and ended up undoing them all. One was my fault, somehow or other I kept making a mistake and having to undo it. What to do? Make my own pattern!

I decided to make a lacy scarf first and so I made up my pattern and got stuck in. Here is my progress so far. What do you think?

The yarn is a fine Merino sock yarn (4 ply) hand-dyed here in Sydney. It feels lovely but isn’t very well plied and starts to unwind and split. I’d still like to knit a lacy shawl so if you know a good pattern please let me know.