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I finished the Christian-Themed Block that I had been asked to do. I hope my friend likes it.



I used some Mettler Silk Finish 100% cotton thread for the red appliqué and it was lovely to use. I had written to Mettler a while ago asking for some information on this thread as I read somewhere that it’s very good for appliqué. Previously I had only heard of people singing it’s praises as a great machine quilting thread. I got a lovely email from Michelle Macready from McCalls and then she sent me some printed colour charts and three spools of thread to sample. One was this lovely red Silk Finish, one was a Hand Quilting Thread and the third was a polyester thread. I’ve used the hand quilting thread as a test and I really liked it too. There’s a nice range of colours in the Silk Finish and I think I may just have to stock up on a few.