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My lovely friend Sylvia has been at it again! Sending me presents, and not just any presents, but ones that had a lot of thought put into them. Just take a look.

There are some of my favourite Ghiradelli dark chocolates with the mint centres. We shared some when we were together in June. There’s a fridge magnet of the stunning Pennsylvania Grand Canyon that we visited together.

Then there are four reels of Sulky Blendables. I really love using these threads and Sylvia must have read my blog where I was speaking about them and saying I wish I had more colours and so she bought me some. That’s is so kind of you Sylvia. Thank you so much!

But that’s not all! Some hand and body lotion called “Gypsy Woman” – do you think she’s trying to tell me something? LOL And some “Honey Bee” lip balm, a fat quarter of text fabric with the names of quilt blocks on it and, did you notice the fat quarter of the fabric I was using in my Lily Wall hanging and that I was looking for more of?

But that’s not all. She sent me a lovely black suede embroidered needle case that she made and a very soft deer skin coin purse. These last two need another photo. See below:

The needle case has my name embroidered on it and the coin purse has a US dollar coin in it.


Sylvia thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. (By the way I’ve already eaten one of the chocolates. I think it was in my house for all of 2 minutes before it was consumed.) Oh and there’s a parcel winging its way towards your neck the wood as we speak. 🙂