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Yesterday I sandwiched (if you can call it that when there’s only a top and some batting) the Lily Wall Hanging. I used these lovely, small safety pins. I bought them when Sylvia and Louise and I were travelling to Gettysburg. We stopped at a huge warehouse of a place that seemed to sell everything known to man. These small safety pins were sold a quilt basting pins. I really like them. Because they are smaller than the usual pins they are sharper and don’t damage the quilt top fabric. This is the second time I’ve used them and if I ever see them again I’ll get some more because they’re great.

I’ve had a bit of trouble deciding what colour to quilt with. This picture shows my available options.

I have opted to use two of the Sulky Blendables but this time with small stitches. I’m also using Thread Heaven thread conditioner and it is wonderful. I’ve never used it before but it really makes quilting easy.


The threads I’m using are the one on the right and the fourth from the right. I hope to have something to show you soon.