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I’ve now inset the circle block into the square frame. I thought it might be difficult but it wasn’t and I really enjoyed it. (The photo doesn’t really show it but the frame isn’t the same fabric as the other purple one which actually has spots on it.)

The thing is, what now? I made this block mostly from bits of left over fabric. It’s too nice to discard but I’m not sure what to do with it. Make a small quilt and sell it? Make a cushion cover and sell it? Either way I’ll have to put a border around it and hand quilt it.

I’d like to raise some money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation but I have’t quite got my head around the way they work yet. They have some strange way of giving you a fund-raising page hosted by some “Hero” company. When, and if, I work it out I might make a few small quilts and offer them for sale for this cause. What do you think?

Mr Tiggy “at home”






It’s such a hard life for a cat, isn’t it? Lying about looking cute, sleeping and looking cute and only speaking when you want to eat.