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On Friday I went to visit my friend, fabric artist and fellow blogger, Nola. It’s about an hour’s drive to get to her house and without fail an hour and half’s drive home in the peak hour traffic. All this goes to explain why our get-togethers are rare, unfortunately. We had a lovely time together catching up on what each of has been making and experimenting with etc.

I was wearing my lovely necklace and bracelet that my US friend, Sylvia, bought me when I was visiting her in upstate New York. I was explaining to Nola how when we first saw the necklace it had another row of lovely turquoise beads terminating in a large blue glass heart. While the turquoise beads and the heart were nice in their own right they just did not go with the lovely multicoloured sparkly beads. I had said to Sylvia if I could get rid of the beads from that necklace I’d buy it. She said “I make beaded jewellery and I can easily take that off for you” and then she proceeded to buy it for me! When we arrived home she quickly removed the offending strand and this was the result.

And here is the bracelet she bought me to go with it.

I told all this to Nola and explained I had been searching and searching for earrings to go with them. And Nola then told me that she too made beaded jewellery and had all the equipment and a great collection of beads and could make me a pair as we sat and talked. And she did! Here they are.

And here’s a pic of the whole set of these lovely beads given to me by two lovely quilting friends who live half a world away from each other. Thanks ladies.