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Several people have commented on my “drawing skills”. I always like to be honest with my readers. My drawing skills are not particularly good but you have to work with what you’ve got. While the design is mine I used a photograph as the basis for it. Here’s how I did it.

  1. I photocopied a photo of a piece of marble work from the Taj Mahal – this was a lily and two tendrils with serrated leaves and some long leaves and buds coming from the top of the lily.
  2. I enlarged the photo.
  3. With a “Sharpie” I drew over the photograph. I changed the shape, size and number of the leaves. I changed the shape, size and number of the petals making them larger and simplifying the flower.  Then I removed the top leaves and buds.
  4. I traced the “Sharpie” lines onto a blank piece of paper.
  5. Then I moved the “Sharpie” design around underneath the paper until I had the tendrils in different places and I traced over them again. I did this several times, as you can see I have many tendrils.

So this is how I made my design. It isn’t the same as the original. In fact it isn’t anywhere near as beautiful or delicate as the original. My flower is much less detailed and more caricatured, my leaves are different in size, shape and number, as are the number and placement of the tendrils. Working this way allows me to have a skeleton to work with and to put my meagre drawing skills to work on top of some nice “bones” which were provided by a master marble worker many centuries ago.