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Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to all my loyal readers and particularly to those of you who take the time to leave me comments. I didn’t want to run a competition to say “Thank you” because then I get comments from people who blog hop just to win. I wanted to reward those of you contribute to make this blog what it is. I really do read all your comments and I take note of your suggestions – even though I may end up picking something totally out of left field! I decided to add all the names of those people who have commented so far during September, to a spreadsheet and then consult Mr Random and pick five winners.

I have to tell you this was not an easy task. There is no simple way to export the names of the commenters. So it was cut and paste and format for Excel, cut and paste and format for Excel, cut and paste and format… you get the picture!  Anyway Mr Random picked Numbers 6,8,21, 50 and 46. And the lucky ladies whose names appeared in those spots were Linda, Kate, Helen V, Sylvia and Sue.

Congratulations ladies. You have won my bag pattern. I’ll be emailing it to you in the next little while. If you’ve already bought it then you can share this one with a friend without infringing copyright.