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My next mistake happened when I washed my Appliqué Sampler quilt. All day I had meant to wash it and I kept forgetting. Then mid evening I remembered and washed it but I was tired and not thinking straight. I forgot to add a Colour Catcher! To compound my problem I left the quilt in the washing machine for an hour or two after it had finished washing! You can guess what happened. These red batik tulips ran (shown here before the accident). So at 11.30 at night I was washing the affected spots and treating them with bleach on a cotton bud.

That seemed to fix the problem but I rinsed the quilt heavily and left it over a clothes rack overnight. Of course because I hadn’t dried off around the flowers it bled again and I had to repeat the process in the morning. The quilt isn’t badly damaged but if I hadn’t been tired I would have remembered the Colour Catchers! Speaking of which it appears that Coles aren’t going to stock them any more – at least my Coles – so I had to go searching at Woolworths for them.

When I get a photo from Sylvia of her Appliqué Sampler I’ll post photos of mine and Sylvia’s friend Louise’s as well. I think it’s interesting to see three interpretations of the same quilt.