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Here goes… First you need to cut pieces of each fabric you want to include in your quilt. [Edit: I used an OminGrid Offset Square Template like this.]Then assemble them on a design wall in a pattern you find pleasing. You will then need to cut some extra pieces of other fabrics to finish to edges and corners. Below is a picture of my design wall. The red box shows you the next pieces that I am going to sew together. You see when you sew this together you don’t sew the four pieces of a particular fabric together. You sew pieces of four different fabrics together to for a square. I think the following photos are self explanatory. Take a look.

Design wall with next block to be pieced outlined in red

Block ready to be pieced

Blocks ready for pinning

Pinned ready for sewing

Two halves sewn

The next step is to sew these two halves together to complete the block.

Halves aligned ready for pinning

Completed block ready to be sewn onto the row

Block sewn to the preceding blocks of the row

Once you have completed all the blocks in a row they can be sewn to the preceding rows.

Here is a photo of where I’m up to now. I’ve completed 6 rows. If you have questions feel free to ask.

I haven’t decided yet if this will be all or if I will add extra blocks to the outside some of which are plain so I can put a plain border on and make them look like they’re floating. I’ll keep you posted.

6 rows completed