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When I stayed with Sylvia she gave me this very clever project carrier. It’s made from a placemat and uses zip-lock bags. I’ve found it very useful. If I were making one I think I would add a strap across the back and front. The reason – I use cork-backed placemats when I’m piecing. I have one that I’ve glued sandpaper to to allow me to draw around templates when I’m cutting out shapes.The other I use to lay out the pieces I’m currently working on and I use the cork side. If they were slipped under a strap on this project carrier it would also give the carrier a bit of stiffness which would stop it from collapsing on itself when it has heavy items like scissors in it.

Thanks Sylvia. A very cute, clever  and useful gift that I’ve been using to take to sit and sew since I came back from the USA.