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I was sorry to leave Sylvia’s place. I felt so at home there. We had some lovely times. One of my favourites was a quiet supper on the front porch watching the Ruby-Throated Humming Birds and enjoying the deep peacefulness of the surrounding woods.

After a fun 5 days in Lindley, NY Sylvia, Louise and I took off for Gettysburg, Pa. I can’t remember what we talked about but I know there wasn’t a moment’s silence the whole trip!

Right next to this out of focus cornfield was a small house with Amish Quilts draped over fences and bushes. Unfortunately we were travelling too quickly for me to aim and shoot the camera in time and I got the cornfield instead!

We got to Gettysburg in the afternoon and went and explored a bit. Gettysburg was where one of the most famous battles of the civil war took place and also where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. There are lots of shops selling period costumes for all the re-enacters. There is also a statue of Abe Lincoln in the main street but there were too many people having their photo taken with him so I didn’t take a picture. Here are a few I did take.

We were very good and only visited one quilt shop and kept the others for when Fran joined us the next day. Stay tuned for Four Girls in Gettysburg…