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Sylvia and her home

The friends I went to Canada with dropped me off near the NY-Pennsylvania border and my friend Sylvia picked me up and took me to her lovely home in the woods.

While Sylvia and I had corresponded for some 2+ years personally and through an email quilting group, and had Skyped and spoken on the phone we had never actually met in person. It was lovely to meet her for the first time. She really is a beautiful and very kind an generous person.

It would have been even better if I hadn’t almost immediately become ill! Poor Sylvia had to look after me as I got colder and colder even though it was a hot evening. They were so kind and even switched the central heating on for me! They baked all night and I shivered. What a terrible house guest! Eventually it was discovered that I was terribly dehydrated and once I was finally topped up I began to get warm again but it took me two days to feel human again. I knew was I really sick as I went to bed before 8pm and I’m normally a night owl!

Sylvia and I share a love of quilting and while I was there we had great fun. She showed me some of her lovely quilts, taught me how to make a quilt using some fusing techniques she had learnt at a Laura Wasilowski workshop and took me sightseeing and to visit the local quilts shops. Here are some of her quilts and Dear Jane quilt blocks which are so amazingly small!

Four Patch Posies

Country Cousins

Forest scene wall hanging

Seed packs printed onto fabric and quilted

Beautiful crazy quilt

Stunning embroidered quilt

In my next post I plan to show you some photos of the beautiful Pennsylvania Grand Canyon National Park and some of the lovely small towns we visited as well as some of the local quilt shops Sylvia took me to. See you then…