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I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver do his 30 minute meals on TV and they look lovely so I decided to buy his book. As usual I got it from The Book Depository for about half of what it would have cost me in Australia and that included postage! I know bookshops here are closing but it’s because they keep book prices artificially high. If this book was around the same price here I’d buy it here but I’m not about to give them a $30 subsidy for nothing.

The book arrived the other day and it’s full of really appetising food and I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Take a look at these:

I thought I might challenge myself to see if I could do them in 30 minutes. However before I do I need to buy some of what he calls “essential pieces of kit”, most importantly a food processor. I’ve owned food processors before and found them useful, if a bit of pain to clean and difficult to store. However, at the moment I don’t have one and haven’t for several years. I’d be interested to hear any recommendations you may have.  Jamie use a Magimix but there is “Jamie Olive Tefal processor” – who knows which of those is better but I suspect it’d the former which is very expensive.