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I know I haven’t got to the sewing part or the Quilt Shopping part yet but there was just so much beauty at Hartzer Park that I just have to share it with you first. There were heaps of fruits trees in the grounds and they were laden with fruit. Just look at these lemons and oranges!

And I think the third tree is a tamarillo but I may be wrong. Whatever it was these birds were enjoying themselves on it. The day we left there must have been a dozen of them having Sunday lunch on it.
There were many other beauties in the 16 acres of grounds. Beauties like this moss which I found in the labyrinth, the lichen on a tree branch, two lonely roses on an otherwise empty bush and this dead camellia – perfectly preserved and beautiful amidst the buds ready to burst into life.

Don’t worry we did sew and we did quilt shop. Coming soon…