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Thanks for your comments about thimbles.

Linda, I was like you originally. I could never wear a thimble and I think I tried every one under the sun until I found this Clover one. It is so comfortable I have been known to wash my hands and realise I’m still wearing it. Having said that, I still often forget to put it on.

Sylvia and Doris it sounds like you have lovely “high-end” thimbles and are enjoying them a great deal.

Julie, what a shame you lost your silver thimble, especially one that marked a family tradition and a special birthday.

Cindi I’ve used those pads but I found the glue seemed to spread out from under the pad and then stick to the thread or worse still the batting!

For those of you who would like to drool at silver thimbles, take a look at these sites:

Collectable silver thimbles

Personalised silver thimbles

TJ Lane’s silver thimbles

and these beautiful Roxanne’s Thimbles. I think I’d like one of these if I could be sure I could get the correct size. (And if I could afford it 🙂 )