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This is a short post and it’s a whinge. I usually don’t say too much about things I don’t like, preferring on the whole, to just sing the praises of those I do. I’m making an exception. Last year I paid $60+ for a Superior Threads donut. It seemed like such a good idea and a way to get a variety of colours for use in appliqué. And it would be, if the quality of the thread lived up to the name. From the beginning I’ve had problems with these threads. They have so many slubs in them and I really don’t find them nice to work with. Last night I started appliquéing a ceremonial wall hanging and I cut off a piece of thread only to find yet another slub.

I was so fed up I took a photo to show you. Not only can you see the slub but you can easily see how “hairy” the thread is. Now it may just be that I got a bad batch but when you consider how little thread is on each bobbin then there must also be many, many others out there with the same batch as well. They cost so much I can’t afford to throw them away but I can’t wait until they’re all used up!

[Edit: Please see next post for a great response from the supplier.]