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Thank you all for your input on the subject of a border for the Kimono Quilt. I have tried the red Kanji as Julie suggested. I had dismissed it originally as I thought it was the wrong red for the front. Now I’m not so sure. Here’s a photo so you can judge for yourselves. Is it too busy?

I think straight black is a problem as it will merge with the cornerstones. But I agree that the one I tried is too busy next to that sashing.

Of course I could go for my usual option of no border at all. I’m not really a big fan of plain fabric borders. I don’t mind pieced or appliqued borders but just fabric always makes me think that the quilt wasn’t as large as the maker wanted it to be and so they added a border to make it larger.

Sorry – please don’t yell, that’s just what occurs to me when I see one.

The first quilt I made had two just fabric borders and I really don’t like them. I feel that they actually spoil what was quite a nice quilt before the borders were added.

Other people’s houses

Do you like looking at other people’s houses? I came across the website of the 7th Annual Smallest, Coolest Apartment Competition, by accident today. There are some really lovely small apartments. Here are links to three of my favorites.

A lovely sloping roofed loft apartment.

A beautiful A-frame house in what looks like a stunning setting.

And a quirky, eclectically furnished apartment in LA.