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I thought I’d show you my how I made my “design decisions” for the Kimono Quilt and the progress I’ve made.

Once I had made my Kimono Block, I then had 16 and so could play with the layout of them until I found one I was happy with. It was quite hard to find a balance as they are all so lovely and yet so very different. It took me several trials before I came up with this one.

As you can see I was helped by my able assistant, Mr Tiggy.

Choosing cornerstones

After this I cut some of the sashings and I sewed the sashings between the top four blocks.

Then I cut the horizontal sashings and and laid the blocks out onto different fabrics to see which one I should use for the cornerstones.

The first fabric I tried was a red version of the cream Futoji Kanji which I used for the sashings.

The second was a plain black.

I decided that the red Kanji was too busy and so went for plain black and as you can see I have completed the first row.

I have sewn the first two vertical sashings to the first block in the second row so I’m happy with my progress as I am hand-piecing these blocks. Better get back to it…