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I decided to list my Works In Progress (WIPs) or Projects Half Done (PHDs). I don’t do UFOs. At least that’s what I tell myself. So what does my list look like? Well it’s not too bad…

  1. Quilting the Appliqué  Sampler Quilt – (75% finished)
  2. Appliquéing the Tree of Life Cushion – (75% finished – just the leaves to add)
  3. The lost appliqué – (it’s been found and has been basted but that’s all, so say 10% finished)
  4. Klosjes – (can’t say how finished this is becasue I don’t know what I’m going to make with it and how long I will go on with it.)
  5. The Splash of Colour Quilt top – (this has stalled and I may make pillows from the blocks instead so 30% finished.)

I think that’s it. I do have some Southern Gentleman Quilt Blocks that I have done but I’ve never really committed to making the full quilt and I have some other experimental blocks that I have tried from time to time but I don’t really classify any of those as WIPS, PHDs or UFOs.

What about you? How long is your list?