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Sewjournal Blog Milestone

While the Sewjournal Blog turned one this week it also reached another milestone. Over the last year this blog has had more 70,000 views! Thank you all so much. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and if you ever have suggestions please leave me a comment as I love to hear from you. Now to the winners…

What a fun week! I’ve enjoyed it and  I hope you have. Your lunch preferences were really interesting and included some items I’ve never heard of. Thank you all for participating. I wish I could give you all a prize but there can only be one winner per prize. Here they are:

Give-Away 1 Winner

There were 129 entries! The number I had chosen for Give-Away No: 1 was 11. The person who picked this number was Bec Clarke who said Oh I pick number 11. It’s my husband’s lucky number. I guess now it’s your lucky number too Bec! Congratulations on winning this lovely bundle of fabrics from Wondrous Woven Fabrics. I’ll be emailing you shortly.

Give-Away 2 Winner

There were 69 entries.The number I had chosen for Give-Away No: 2 was 179. No one chose this number but Pam picked 178 and Shirley picked 180. As there were only two of you I decided to have a consolation prize too. So the winner will get the Hawthorne Threads Scrap Pack and the runner up will win a copy of my bag pattern. I put both names on slips of paper and put them in a bowl and picked one. The winner of the scrap pack is: Pam. Congratulations Pam! I’ll email you both shortly.

Give-Away 3 Winner

29 people entered this Give-Away and Mr Random Number Generator (Mr RNG) picked number 13.The 13th comment was made by Pat Rieme who said This would be a great project for our guild. Thanks. I’ll contact you shortly Pat. Congratulations!


Give-Away 4 Winner

21 people entered this Give-Away and Mr RNG picked the number 13 again! The 13th comment belongs to Jodie-Ann Arklay who said her favourite Quilt Shop was The Blanket Box in Geelong. Zoe always has new projects to do every time I visit and I love going to the sit and sew friendship groups, just to have a whole quilting day. Congratulations Jodie, I’ll contact you soon.

Give-Away 5 Winner

There were 18 entries for this Give-Away and Mr RNG favoured the number 2 this time. The second comment belonged to Kristen who said what fun fabric! I would love fish tacos or filet mignon with shrimp. Mmmm, your lunch sure looks good. Congratulations Kristen I hope you enjoy the fabric. Look out for an email from me.

So what’s next?

I hope to share my photos of the lovely Sydney Harbour surrounds that I took when we went out for lunch. It was a lovely day and the views were stunning. So stay tuned.