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While I was away I tried out some new blocks. One was a whirlygig block that looked lovely but turned out to be a nightmare to sew. You can see half a block in the photo below. The turquoise arcs were easy to sew but the purple ones were too big to fit the grey arc and nearly drove me crazy. Hence the reason I haven’t yet finished the block.

The second new (for me) block was one from the Pies and Tarts quilt. I had issues with this one too. It is English Paper Pieced and comes with two sizes of “wedge” paper pieces and two wedge acrylic templates. Originally I thought the templates were to allow you to cut more papers should you need them but they are not the correct sizes for that. So then I decided they must be to cut the fabric to allow the seam allowance. So I used the smaller acrylic template to cut the fabric to use on the smaller paper pieces. The fabric was way too big and I ended up having to cut off at least 1/4” off the top of the wedge which spoiled the pattern I had fussy cut. {sigh}

And last but not least I did some more of my appliqué. Just the leaves to go on now.