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After performing my civic duty by presenting myself at the Polling Station for the NSW State Election on Saturday morning, I went for a walk. The day had started rainy but by the time I came out of the Polling Station the sun was out and the strong wind was blowing the clouds away. It was lovely and fresh.

There was a fresh produce market on Black Beach and I had a wander through it on my way up to the Blowhole. The beach is sheltered from the sea by the point so the water was calm even though the sea was really rough as you can see in the second photo.


Kiama is famous for its lighthouse on the point and its Blowhole so here are some photos. The Blowhole was really roaring as the sea was running hard and the wind was whipping it up.

Below the photos are a couple of (not very good) videos I took that will give you an idea of how rough the sea was and show you the Blowhole in action. You can hear how windy it was too.