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You didn’t know I’d been away, did you? That’s thanks to the schedule posting facility of WordPress. I’ve been to Kiama which is on the coast, 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney. The Southern Cross Quilters’ Retreat was on there. I didn’t go. I had been planning to but in the end decided against it. I did, however, rent a house and shared it with some other ladies – one of whom went to the Retreat. Want to see some pics? In this post I’ll show you the house and view and then during the next few days I’ll show you some more of Kiama itself.

Lounge and view

View from deck

View from deck outside my bedroom

View from the deck along Bombo beach


That really is a sunrise. The smoke alarm battery expired at 3am! The alarm then beeped until the handy many was able to replace it. (Taking the battery out wasn’t an option as they were wired to the mains and kept beeping after they’d been removed!) Not much sleep that night! More tomorrow.