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There is a wonderful website that someone on an email list I belong to alerted me to. I think it might have been Doris over at the quiltsbyhand Yahoo Group. The site is called Quilt Inspiration and has the most magnificent quilts displayed on it. That’s where I first saw  Bruce Seed’s wonderful quilts. His quilts are truly amazing.

They also had a fabulous set of posts on blue quilts which was reprised here. (Image shown above via Quilt Inspiration – quilts by Eric GunsonJulie Fukuda and colleaguesJoanna FigueroaBarbara ClineMaria Elkins, Susa GlennJanice Lee BaehrDebra Levin and Ionne McCauley).

So, if it’s inspiration you are looking for then do yourself a favour and book mark this site or subscribe to it because it’s a source of really stunning quilt ideas.

Free Patterns

One of the top rating topics in the Sewjournal survey was free patterns and Quilt Inspiration has dozens of them all down the right sidebar. These aren’t just any old patterns either. They are really stunning quilts. Here are some of the links:

Some Jane Sassaman patterns

An Ellie Sienkiewicz pattern for Robert Kaufman

Spa Therapy by Ellen Maxwell for Michael Miller

Heaven ‘n earth by Lonni Rossi for Andover fabrics

A Japanese Kanji Quilt

Purl Soho’s Circular Applique Mini Quilt and

their Mini Forest Quilt

I hope you enjoy this treasure trove of a website. If you stop by tell them Munaiba said “Hi”