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Last week a kind friend lent me her portable light box to assist with my appliqué design transfer. It was a little small for my design but it was way easier than holding an Ott Lite on my knee and spreading the design out on my glass-topped desk or taping both fabric and design to a window and tracing.

I decided that for appliqué a light box is an essential piece of kit so I went looking online to see where I could buy one. This is what I bought

and this is where I found it. It’s 600mm square with a work surface of 568mm x 568mm though they do come in other sizes. This is the largest. It has four compact fluorescent globes and makes it easy to see through even three or four layers of fabric. I’m very impressed. But that’s not all. I ordered this late on a Tuesday night and got acknowledgement from Bill the owner on Wednesday that he had shipped it. It arrived on Friday! How’s that for great service? It cost me $145 for the light box and $25 for shipping. I have no affiliations with this company, I’m just a satisfied customer and I like to share.