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I’ve finished my second spiral scarf. I’ve taken pictures of both of them so that you can see the differences in the colours. The first has more purples and lavenders and the second more pinks and corals.

While I’m pleased with the finished results I’m not a happy camper with regards to the yarn. The last ball of the Noro Silk Garden Lite had a couple of problems. The first was that it had a weak spot at the beginning and a 50cm piece broke off and the second was this.

This is an expensive designer yarn and personally I don’t think knots in it are acceptable. Noro, however, begs to differ. They told me that:
“Whilst technically one knot per ball is deemed to be acceptable throughout the industry, we certainly would be disappointed if this were the case with our yarns.

We do appreciate your having brought this to our attention as it enables us to take this up with the spinner in a positive manner.”

They didn’t address the issue of breakage and I had to write back to remind them this wasn’t the only problem I had encountered. Their reply:
“We are sorry to hear of your disappointment with this yarn. If you would like a refund you will need to take it back to the shop where the yarn was purchased, but unfortunately this yarn is now discontinued and we do not have stock. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Am I being  picky to think that they are not viewing this from my point of view at all? Isn’t it obvious that if I found the knot in the middle of the ball I have already invested substantial time and effort KNITTING IT UP? Am I expected to undo it, rewind it and take it back to a shop that may not have any more. A refund isn’t going to help because this project requires more than one ball so how would I finish it then?

Maybe I’m being unfair to them? What do you think? After all they did apologise, but somehow it felt like a very perfunctory apology. So what sort of reply did I expect. I guess one that acknowledged my issues. Something along the lines of:

“We’re sorry your knitting project, and your enjoyment of our yarn, has been marred by what appears to be one substandard ball. Our quality control is very strict and we’re surprised that this got through.  Please accept our apolgies and this voucher for $10 off your next purchase.”

 Oh well, I can dream. Will I be buying Noro yarns again? Lovely as they are, probably not.