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An Intriguing Door

After my sojourn at Calico & Ivy on Saturday I took a stroll up Darling Street towards to Rozelle Markets to meet my husband.

As I strolled along enjoying the sunshine, the walk, and the little shops along the way I came across something I didn’t expect to see in Balmain – this rather exotic, intriguing door. Isn’t it lovely?

A Secret Beach

After I met up with my husband we headed off to Cremorne to pick up a leaf vac I had won on eBay.

We forgot to bring either the GPS or the street map so we were “flying blind”. However, as often happens when you let fate take you where it will, we happened upon a little magic. We found a secret beach hidden at the end of a beautiful tree-lined cul-de-sac.

First I just looked down because I saw stairs descending to this lovely garden with frilly pink bromeliads, ferns and palm trees and then…


in the enfolding silence of this place I heard a little lapping sound and looked through the trees and this is what I saw.

I can’t wait to bring a picnic, a book and some hand sewing here. What a find!

A Block Disaster!

Do you remember my run in with Foundation Paper piecing and this block? Well when I squared it up it came to only 12″! I just couldn’t understand it. After all it was paper-pieced. How could I have mucked it up that royally? (Don’t answer that.) I puzzled and puzzled over it until I watched a great video link on Foundation Paper Piecing posted by a woman on one of the email lists. And then the light dawned. When I trimmed up each of the eight segments to join them together I didn’t add 1/4″ to the outside line. I cut EXACTLY on the line! Oh woe is me, now I have to do it all over again!!!! 😦