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It’s been a bit like that with my husband and me at the moment. He’s been working most weekends and late nights to help process all of the thousands of claims for assistance from the Queensland and Victoria flood, Queen;and and Northern Territory cyclone and Western Australian bushfire victims. So Sunday was a rare day we had together.

We headed into the city with a bit of a picnic and went to the the Botanical Gardens on Syndey Harbour. It was hard to find a quiet spot with Tropfest and the Open Air Cinema going on but we managed. Driving in the Botanical Gardens is lovely with all the old fig trees leaning over the road.

And then we saw a real ship passing by. This is the Sun Princess making her way out from Darling Harbour and into the open sea.  

Then we picked a bench in a nice shady spot for our picnic and enjoyed the views.

We even got to see the Rose Bay Sea plane taking off.All in all it was a really lovely Sunday afternoon.