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I’ve had quite a few enquiries about to make and how to draft a pattern for klosjes. Here goes…

Klosje patterns

For those of you that have Electric Quilt you can search the block library for a block called Spools. This is a klosje block. You can then pick what size you want and print out your template or cutting instructions.

For those of you without EQ there are two ways to make klosjes that I’m aware of. The first uses 13 pieces and is made up of a nine patch where the corner blocks are made from two half square triangles like this.

13 piece klosje

You can draw this up in the finished size you want then cut out a square and triangle as templates and add 1/4″ for seam allowance when you draw round them on your fabric.

The second way, and the way I actually used, is made up of 5 pieces as shown below. Cut out the centre square and one of the other four pieces to use as templates and add 1/4″ seam allowance when you draw on your fabric.

5 piece klosje

How to sew the 13 piece klosje

To sew the 13 piece klosje first sew the half square triangles together so that you have four square blocks. Then sew the nine patch together by sewing in rows and then sewing the rows together.

How to sew the 5 piece klosje

To sew the 5 piece klosje first sew piece No:1 to the centre piece No:3. Then sew piece No:2 to the opposite side of the centre piece No:3. Then sew pieces 4 and 5 using Y seams at the junctions.  I hope this helps you all. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them on this post.